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Review: The difference between gaming chair brands DXRacer, EarthCroc, AKRacing, GT Omega Racing, Arozzi

You may have heard of all of these brand names, you may have heard of just one, but what’s the difference between each gaming chair brand?

  1. There is no difference in quality. In fact, you may be surprised: All of their chairs are made in China and the factories are practically neighbours.
  2. Price. The saying goes ‘you get what you pay for’, but when it comes to branded gaming chairs, it’s safe to say that most of these brands are selling at a premium price and in return you are paying simply for their brand name. At current, the DXRacer at £279.60 is proving the most expensive chair whilst EarthCroc are offering the lowest price at just £79.99.

The DXRacer chair for £279.60 can be found here: http://www.ilgs.net/dxracer-oh-kf06-no-king-series-gaming-chair-black-orange?gclid=CNq5qpvp4MgCFUbmwgod718FaA

The EarthCroc chair for £79.99 can be found here: http://earthcroc.co.uk/earthcroc–orange-striped-office-racing-gaming-chair-y-2842-13-p.asp

Comparison between the two? None other than price.

3. Features. Since all of the chairs are made in the same factories, they all share the same features. That is to say, the higher end models of the AKRacing chair for example will offer the same swivel armrest features that the DXRacer offers. The Arozzi chair will have the same tilt function as the EarthCroc chair, and so on..

4. Design. Other than price, the design is the only comparable feature between all of the brands. It’s safe to say that we saw some very nice designs such as below, which include ergonomic features to ensure you have a good posture, avoiding back pain and bad head and neck aches whilst you play your League of Legends game!

The two images below have been picked as favourites of all the brands: DXRacer, EarthCroc, AKRacing, GT Omega Racing and Arozzi.


Source: www.dxracer.net


Source: www.earthcroc.com