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Help Us Grow, or HUG for short :)
Our newly introduced HUG scheme offers you the chance to Help Us Grow and in return, we will pay you for your brilliant efforts. Using state of the art stock auditing and code tracking software, you are able to see who has spent money with us of whom you have recommended to us. At the end of each calendar month, we will pay you a percentage of the total sale.

How the HUG scheme works

How to join the HUG scheme
Joining is extremely simple! Send an email to with the below information answered.
After completion of the above email, we will endeavor to respond within 7 working days.
  1. Have you ever been in an affiliate scheme before?
  2. Are you currently in an affiliate scheme other than HUG? If yes, what?
  3. What is your name?
  4. What is your current profession?
  5. What is your date of birth?