EarthCroc Ltd. Returns Policy
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Returns Policy

Returns for items you no longer want

It must be a new, unopened package. If it has been opened and untouched, reseal and send. If the goods have been tampered with, we will test to see if the goods can be resold. if a chair has been put together and is no longer wanted and returned as new, you will receive a partial refund. If they are not in good condition, we cannot give you a refund as the item is no longer sellable. Instead, you can choose to recollect the item from our premises or we can send it back to you at your cost.

You have 14 days to return an unwanted item.

Returns for items that are faulty

If your item is faulty, we will supply you with the spare parts to fix the item. If the item is faulty and cannot be fixed, we will collect the item at our cost and send you a new item. If we are out of stock, we will offer you a full refund.

Returns Procedure: Please send an image of the outside of the box where the damage is showing the whole box, and the same but for the inside of the box. Then show the damages to the chair parts so that we can understand which part is damaged. 

We are proud to offer a 1 year warranty guarentee on this product. If you come back to us with a fault, please email us the following:
1) What is broken or faulty?
2) How do you believe it may have happened?
Email us at