EarthCroc Ltd. Sponsorship & Review Requests
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EarthCroc Ltd., are actively seeking sponsors from multi-national companies, to small day time streamers. If you believe you are ready to take on a sponsorship deal from us, email us at with the below information:

Full legal name:
Contact email:
Twitch URL:
Twitter URL:
Facebook URL:
Youtube URL:
  1. State how many chairs are needed and for what purpose.
  2. State your customer demographics
  3. State your channels (where the views come from)
  4. State the highest, lowest and average views from streaming.
  5. State how the chairs will be used to help promote EarthCroc as a brand.
  6. State how you see your business or venture in one year's time from now.
  7. Anything else you'd like to tell us, please let us know.

We enjoy collaborating with companies who wish to review our product. The minimum requirements are that your European customer base includes an active unique organic 1000 viewers at any one time on your own website.

Youtube Reviews: You can purchase a chair from us, create a review, and for every 10,000 reviews, we'll refund you 10% off, of your original purchase.